“Around DH 2020” and “Quantifying DH” infographic revisited

The global landscape of digital humanities has evolved since the early 2010’s when the landmark projects “Around DH in 80 Days” and “Quantifying Digital Humanities” attempted to capture a picture of digital humanities around the world. In 2020, Global Outlook::DH will be revisiting both these projects to highlight digital humanities work worldwide, and attempt to “count” DH in a more nuanced and inclusive way.

Every week in 2020, GO::DH will publish a brief profile of a digital humanities project sourced from a list of projects contributed by the international digital humanities community. We will be placing particular emphasis on projects from the Global South, and projects in languages other than English. Once a month, we’ll be publishing a piece on the current “State of DH” in a country, region, discipline, or methodology. GO::DH is currently looking for volunteers for the editorial board (to help curate the list of suggestions), as writers of these profiles, and as translators for the profiles. All translators will be treated as co-authors.

If you’d like to volunteer to participate in the project in one of these ways, please fill out this form for volunteering. If you’d like to nominate a project, please fill out the project nomination form, and if you’d like to suggest a topic for a “State of DH” write-up, fill out the “State of DH” form.

In addition, GO::DH will be developing a new version of the “Quantifying Digital Humanities” infographic, to be published in early 2020. If you’d like to volunteer to help, or to participate in the discussion about what data to collect, and how, in order to get a more accurate, nuanced, and inclusive view of global digital humanities, please fill out the Quantifying Digital Humanities infographic form.