Call for Nominations: GO::DH Exec Board (2020-2022)

In 2019 Amy Earhart and Tunde Opeibi graciously agreed to provide another year of service on the GO::DH Executive Committee, allowing GO::DH to have a full, 8-member Committee. Thank you to both Amy and Tunde for your service!

With their term coming to an end, we are now seeking at least two nominees for election and/or acclamation to the Committee. This will be for a two-year term of service beginning immediately after the election, from February 1, 2020 – January 31, 2022. All voting positions on the Committee are for two year terms that can be renewed three times.

We begin with a nomination period, which will close Sunday, January 12 at midnight in all time zones, followed by a two-week elections period. The election will be held by electronic ballot open to all subscribers to the GO::DH mailing list.

The work of the GO::DH Executive Committee is not heavy, but it is important to our community and the support of an approach to DH that recognizes, supports, and encourages linguistic, regional, and other forms of diversity. This year, GO::DH has launched a series of articles with translations in Digital Studies/ Le champ numérique, and has been in discussions with ADHO about moving from a Special Interest Group to a full organizational member. 2020 promises to be another active year for the organization, with the launch of “Around DH 2020” and working on a new version of the Quantifying DH infographic, in addition to a new minimal computing version of our website. We welcome your ideas and enthusiasm for other initiatives GO::DH can undertake!

Please consider nominating yourself (self-nominations are common and welcome) or somebody else in our community by emailing Brian Rosenblum at All who wish to put their names forward will be warmly welcomed as candidates. Again, the deadline for nominations is Sunday, January 12.
In your email, please include the following information:

  • The name of the nominee
  • Preferred email address of the nominee (if you are nominating somebody other than yourself, please be sure to cc your nominee on the email so that we know they are willing to stand and that we know we have a working email address for them)
  • An optional brief candidate statement (<250 words). This can be anything you wish: a bio; an explanation of your aims for the position; political planks. This statement will be published to the GO::DH website.