Translation Initiatives

Global Outlook::DH aims to make global digital humanities scholarship available to the broadest possible audience. We are undertaking several translation initiatives with this in mind.

Translation Commons

The Translation Commons aims to encourage multilingual collaboration in the digital humanities. The scope of this working group is still taking shape, and all who are interested are welcome to contribute to the conversation by posting comments to this page or through the contact form below.

If you see something on the GO::DH website that you’d like to translate, you can fill out the contact form and check the box to register as a translator or translation team. Feel free to translate as much or as little as you’d like!

Translation Board

The Global Outlook::DH Translation Board is a group of volunteers who translate the organization’s announcements, publications, and projects into languages other than English, and/or who translate scholarship written in other languages into English for dissemination through GO::DH.

If you’d like to volunteer fo the Translation Board, please fill out this form.

2019 Translation Board

Digital Studies / Le champ numérique journal

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