Progress Report: THATCamp Caribe 2

We have great news to report! Casa de las Americas recently agreed to host the event. We were waiting for confirmation before delving into the planning in earnest. The event will likely take place on the second week of November. Our organizing committee is fully formed, with two teams, one in Cuba, one international.

The Cuban team:
Sandra Alvarez Ramírez
Yasmín S. Portales Machado
Milena Recio Silva
Luis Rondón Paz
Maité Hernádez Lorenzo

The International team:
Sonya Donaldson (Jamaica)
Rachel Finn (USA)
Amanda French (USA)
Alex Gil (Republica Dominicana)
James Neal (USA)
Amilcar Priestley (Panama)
Mamyrah Prosper (Haiti)
Marta S. Rivera Monclova (Puerto Rico)
German Vargas (Puerto Rico)

The Cuban team will be in charge of local logistics and local advertising. We will try to arrange for hotels and room rentals (a more economic option). Casa de las Americas is centrally located and it is easy to reach it from many different quarters. Local advertising will hopefully draw campers from the cities and the countryside.

The international team will be in charge of fundraising and running the site. The site will be run in both Spanish and English. We are still working out the translation duties. We will also try to have a version of the site that can operate on low bandwidths. Fundraising is a major goal of this THATCamp because it helps us attract scholars and students from the Caribbean. We hope to be even more aggressive than on last year’s THATCamp. We are also placing few limits on the range of possible funders. We do have to consider that some funders are out of the question because on their relationship to Cuba.

The whole team will soon meet to decide on registration dates and admission caps! Stay tuned for more.