Election Results

Last week GO::DH ran a call for nominations/volunteers to join the executive or stand for chair. There was one nomination for chair, Daniel Paul O’Donnell, who is therefore acclaimed; there were 16 volunteers/nominees for the executive, all of whom were invited to join the inaugural committee (for this inaugural year, no volunteers were turned away: this year’s executive will debate more formal bylaws this coming year):

Sara Sikes (ssikes@masshist.org)
Yasmin Portales Machado (yasminsilvia@gmail.com)
Joey Hung (Jenjou.Hung@gmail.com)
David Large (david.large@sydney.edu.au)
Adeline Koh (adelinekoh@gmail.com)
Dan Sondheim (sondheim@uvic.ca)
Timothy Thompson (timathom@gmail.com)
Domenico Fiormonte (domenico.fiormonte@gmail.com)
Laurie Taylor (lautayl@uflib.ufl.edu)
Innocent Opara (osita_inno@rediffmail.com)
Ernesto Priani (epriani@gmail.com)
Brian Rosenblum (brianlee@ku.edu)
Barbara Bordalejo (bab995@mail.usask.ca)
Marcus Bingenheimer (m.bingenheimer@gmail.com)
Titilola Babalola (titilola.babalola@uleth.ca)
Alex Gil (colibri.alex@gmail.com)

An additional 3 members were appointed to the executive from the ADHO Constituent organisations as allowed by the GO::DH bylaws:

Ernesto Priego (efpriego@gmail.com) (ACH)
Paul Arthur (paul.arthur@anu.edu.au) (CenterNet)
Øyvind Eide (oyvind.eide@iln.uio.no) (ALLC)

The executive is now establishing some core administrative principles and positions (webmaster, secretary, etc.) and will be announcing new vacancies and initiatives in the next week or so. As always we welcome all expressions of interest in helping GO::DH accomplish its goals.


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