Officers (2013)

The GO::DH Executive has appointed the following officers to oversee the SIG’s business and operations this year:

  • Chair: Daniel Paul O’Donnell
  • Vice chairs: Alex Gil and Innocent Opara Osita
  • Secretaries: Barbara Bordalejo and Titi Babalola
  • Web team/communications:
    • Editorial: Barbara Bordalejo, Tim Thompson
    • Technical: David Large, Brian Rosenblum
    • Translation coordination: Joey Hung, Tim Thompson, Yasmín S. Portales Machado (Spanish)
    • Publicity/dissemination coordinator: Domenico Fiormonte
  • Bylaws committee: Sara Sikes, Daniel Sondheim, Laurie Taylor, Barbara Bordalejo (We will be seeking additional members for the by-laws committee shortly).

These positions have been staffed on the principal that each should have people with a range of different experiences. Many thanks to the volunteers who agreed to take them on and to the executive for their work in determining and defining the positions.

Description of duties

As a preliminary guide, the executive also approved the following as an initial set of duties for each office, while the bylaw committee drafts more permanent guidelines.

  • Chair: responsible to the membership and to ADHO for the orderly functioning of the SIG. Ensuring that reports are written on time, chairing meetings, helping coordinate activities when this is necessary or desirable. Responsible for coordinating grant writing and other similar group-level activities with the secretaries and vice chairs.
  • Vice Chairs: Working with chair on ensuring the efficient and orderly operation of the SIG.
  • Secretaries: Maintain passwords, minutes and agendas, copies of reports, etc. Oversee subscriptions to the mailing list. Act as a reference for people with questions. Assist the Chair and Vice Chairs with the orderly operation of the SIG.
  • Website (editorial): soliciting and where desirable editing contributions to the website; developing publication ideas and plans; coordinating other activity on the website; working or delegating work on look-and-feel; Liaising with the ADHO publications committee.
  • Website (technical): ensuring the efficient operation of the site; software maintenance. Liaising with the ADHO technical committee for support.
  • Website (translation coordination): soliciting and coordinating translation work; setting translation policy (on website and list); encouraging sensitivity to linguistic issues; liaising where necessary with the ADHO Multilingual/Multicultural committee.
  • Website (publicity and dissemination): Publicising the website, ensuring broad takeup; managing social media takeup
  • Bylaws: drafting bylaws pertaining to the administration and organisation of the SIG for next year.