Call for nominations: GO::DH Executive Committee

Global Outlook::Digital Humanities is holding its second Executive Committee elections. From this election on, according to the approved bylaws that establish procedures by which GO::DH is governed, four out of eight of the seats on the executive committee are up for election each year. When we elected the first executive last year, four of the candidates were elected for a one-year (renewable) term: Alex Gil, Daniel O’Donnell, Barbara Bordalejo, and Domenico Fiormonte. The other half, Elena González-Blanco, Élika Ortega, Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa, and Øyvind Eide were elected to a two-year (renewable) term.

The four positions held by officers appointed to a one-year term are now up for election to a two-year (renewable) term. Élika Ortega and Roopika Risam are serving as the returning officers and nominations committee for this year’s election. Élika is a current member of the executive committee, and Roopika served on the returning and nominations committee for last year’s election. We would like to open nominations for candidates for the executive of GO::DH.

Any member of our mailing list may stand for election and self-nominations are very welcome. If you would like to nominate somebody for election (including yourself), please email Élika Ortega and Roopika Risam at We will need the name and email address of the nominee, along with a brief bio and short candidate statement (200 words maximum). Please ensure that your nominee is willing to stand for election.

In keeping with the goals and mandate of GO::DH, we strongly encourage diversity in our nominees: there are no linguistic, geographic, rank, or other requirements for office, and we encourage nominees from all countries and speakers of all languages to apply. To encourage diversity among our candidates, we ask all members to circulate this call for nominations and also to paraphrase it or translate it into other languages to encourage participation from underrepresented groups.

Nominations will close February 20th. A ballot will then be prepared with the candidates’ names and sent to all GO::DH members (everyone subscribed to the mailing list) where they will be asked to select up to four names for election. The ballot will close one week after it opens and the newly elected GO::DH executive committee members will be announced. The executive will later on choose a chair from among its membership and appoint all the officers the organization requires.

We look forward to your nominations and self-nominations at Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.