Call for nominations: GO::DH Chair and Executive

The Special Interest Group (SIG) Global Outlooks :: Digital Humanities (GO::DH) is asking for nominations from the community for Chair and other members of its Executive committee.The executive committee is responsible for the general administration of the SIG, including coordinating different activities and regional efforts, administering and raising funds, managing our web presence and outreach, encouraging membership and discussion. Since this will be GO::DH’s first public executive, this years committee will also be responsible for drafting and proposing by-laws for its future governance.

If you would like to nominate or volunteer for either chair or other positions on the executive committee, please make your suggestions to Alex Gil ( with the subject line GO::DH Exec Council. Alex will coordinate the election of the chair if required.  The deadline for nominations is Thursday January 17, 2012.

Anybody may nominate somebody for chair or the executive. If a vote is required this year, the electorate will consist of members of the GlobalOutlookDH mailing list.

For this inaugural executive committee, we do not have a fixed number of seats: instead we are looking for diverse and enthusiastic group of approximately 6 to 10 volunteers (if we get many more nominations than this, we will ask the volunteers how they would like to proceed rather than turn anybody away). The size of the committee in future years and the method by which is it chosen will be determined by this year’s volunteers.


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