Affiliate Networks

As a meta-network that brings together many individuals and existing networks in conversation and collaboration with one another, we are proud to introduce the Affiliate Networks (AN) program, which we hope will help us bring even more representation from the non-constituent members of ADHO.

The goal of the AN program is to strengthen our bonds with existing and forming organizations not represented directly as constituent member organizations of ADHO, but nevertheless very active in digital humanities globally. Besides representativeness, we hope that the formation of such groups, with closer links to ADHO, can serve as a way to help shape our parent organization to adapt to the global reach of contemporary digital humanities. As such, groups can help lead initiatives, help coordinate efforts to provide review and translation in non-constituent languages, share ideas with other groups in different stages of development, and much more.

Our current Affiliate Networks are:
Associação das Humanidades Digitais (AHDig)
Red Humanidades Digitales (RedHD)
South Asian Digital Humanities (SA-DH)

If you are interested in joining our AN program please let us know via email at [chairs? secretary?]

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